Research Group Cognition ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and half of cases of frontotemporal lobe degeneration (FTLD) belong to the TDP-43 proteinopathies. It is now well established that ALS is a multisystemic disease that affects not only the motor system but also prefrontal and temporal cortical networks that are associated with specific behavioral and cognitive functions.

The Rostock research group "Cognition in ALS" has set itself the goal of improving the understanding of ALS as a systemic disease of the brain beyond the motor system and providing biomarkers as a model with which hypotheses on the disease pathogenesis can be tested in vivo. The key question for our research is why most ALS patients are not cognitively impaired (55%), many are cognitively impaired (35%), and some are demented (FTD, 5-10%). Understanding risk or resilience mechanisms in the extramotor cortical networks in ALS patients would help identify treatment options for dementia. Our main activities therefore concern clinical characterization, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, genetics and autopsy studies focusing on the relationship between structural and functional changes. Thus, we correlated a significant association of pathological TDP-43 expression in extramotor regions with the degree of cognitive decline (Prudlo 2016).

Our key long-term goals as a result of follow-up visits every three to six months are:

     1. Evaluation of the cognitive and behavioral status of ALS patients
     2. The evaluation of the longitudinal data as part of our ongoing imaging study (to determine the dynamic changes in structural and functional connectivity)
     3. The correlation of the imaging data with the cognitive status of the ALS patients
     4. Participation in the development of a neuropathological molecular research program with autopsy material from ALS patients with and without FTD (in cooperation with Prof. Manuela Neumann, DZNE Tübingen)
     5. The identification of known mutations, unclassified variants and potentially new ALS-causing genes (it is crucial to validate these unclassified variants in known genes and potentially new genes using functional assays. We do this e.g. in     collaboration with Prof. A. Hermann, Rostock, or Prof. Dieter Edbauer, DZNE Munich)
     6. Collecting skin fibroblasts from patients with defined genetic variations to screen in vitro phenotypes associated with ALS and FTD (in collaboration with Andreas Hermann, )

Future research projects will address three main topics:

1.) Language in ALS

In collaboration with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI; Dr. Alexandersson and colleagues) in Saarbrücken, we started to analyze the language abilities of 160 non-demented ALS patients compared to 80 healthy controls using a computer-aided speech recognition program. The aim of this study is to confirm and characterize the prevalence of language impairments.

2.) 18F-FDG-PET and cognition in ALS

We are conducting a study to correlate the signature of glucose metabolism (using 18F-2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose PET) with various cognitive states in ALS patients. This investigation is carried out in cooperation with the Clinic for Nuclear Medicine of the University Medical Center Rostock (Prof. Bernd Joachim Krause and colleagues). Our goal is to compare and contrast the FDG-PET as an in vivo measurement with structural MRI and autopsy data.

3.) BrainBank activities in Rostock

We have one of the largest brain autopsy programs in northern Germany with the aim of a molecular research program aimed at correlating clinical and molecular pathological findings. All autopsies were carried out by the Institute for Forensic Medicine at the Rostock University Medical Center (Prof. Büttner and colleagues) in close cooperation with Prof. Manuela Neumann from the DZNE in Tübingen.


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